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6 mm Jute Rope - Twisted

Specifications: Diameter: Ca. Ø 6 mm. Rope Type: 3-stands Twisted. Material: Jute.

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6 mm Jute Rope - Twisted

Ropes and cords made of natural materials can be a very outstanding decorative element indoors as well as outdoors. Of course, they have also many applications in the garden, in agriculture and forestry. They are not exceptionally strong or resistant to the effects of the environment but as they do not slip in hands, they are also suitable for sport purposes – rope climbing or tug of war.

  • No resistance to acids.
  • Good resistance to alkalies and organic solvents.
  • Low resistance to UV radiation.
  • Rough to the touch.
  • Biodegradable material.
  • Grease absorbing.
  • Diameter: Ca. Ø 6 mm.
  • Rope Type: 3-strands Twisted.
  • Material Sheath: Jute.


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