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KONG - Panic Snap 'Marine Bronze' 26 mm (snap 372)

Specifications: Dimensions: L: 88 mm / D: 26 mm. Weight: 80 gram. Material: Marine Bronze.

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KONG - Panic Snap 'Marine Bronze' 26 mm (snap 372)

Panic snap with safety lock. Its special opening enables the release even while the connector is loaded and the safety-lock prevents accidental opening. The remarkable feature is that this connector will not become jammed even when used with mud, ice, dust etc. Particularly designed for leashes of hunting dogs. With the connector open, the collar remains attached by one end to the leash giving the animal complete freedom. This product is made of marine bronze, top quality material!

When a metal is exposed to underwater or wet environments, marine grade metals may be necessary to prevent the material from failing under the conditions. To be considered a marine grade, the material must be able to resist corrosive effects that are common in a water environment. To achieve this, special alloying elements are added to these grades in order to defend against corrosion.

  • Dimensions: L: 88 mm / D: 26 mm.
  • Weight: 76 gram.
  • Material: Marine Bronze.
  • Snap for leashes 370 

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