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    Jerrycan Green 10 liter

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    The 10 liter steel jerrycan is used for multiple possibilities. The jerrycan contains a shackle closure for safe storage and the transport of liquids.

    Jerrycan Green 10 liter

    The 10 liter steel jerrycan is used for multiple possibilities. The jerrycan contains a shackle closure for safe storage and the transport of liquids. To ensure the quality of the product the jerrycans are UN, TUV and NATO approved. The jerrycan is equipped with petrol resistant coating and is suitable for jerrycan holders.

    H: 38,5cm / W: 27,5cm / D: 12,5cm

    The jerrycan was invented by the Germans in 1939 during the Second World War. In English, the Germans were nicknamed 'Jerries. This, of course, because they were the inventors of the jerrycan. The name Jerry survived the war and that is why we still call them  jerrycans.

    What is jerrycan?
    A jerrycan is a tank that can hold gas, diesel, kerosene, or water. The staining of the canisters were unique in the sense that they represented the contents of containers.
    - Red for gasoline
    - Yellow for diesel
    - Blue for petroleum
    - Light blue for water

    Moreover, the design was well thought out as it had three handles to optimize the operation of the heavy jerrycans. For example, they remain stable in cars under extreme conditions. The outer two levers were convenient to lift the container with two people. The center lever was perfect if your partner had gone off.

    There are several types of ancient jerrycan models from a number of countries. On D-Day in 1944, more than 21 million jerrycans were scattered across Europe. During our investigation we have discovered that more than 1800 different jerrycan models exist.

    “Without these cans it would have been impossible for our armies to cut their way across France at a lightning pace which exceeded the German blitzkreig at 1940. President Roosevelt”

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