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    Ticket to the Moon

    The Ticket To The Moon Hammock Parachute was first established in 1996, on the beautiful island of Bali, in Indonesia.

    "I have been hammock-hooked since I was a child. After frequently using the Latino style hammocks, I realized that they were too heavy, too hard to pack, were somewhat fragile and were difficult to set up and clean. For all these reasons, I have tried to invent a traditional hammock, but using modern, lighter material. After testing various grades of microfibers polyester and nylon, I discovered the parachute material that is made in Indonesia. Also known as silk nylon. The parachute fabric is firm and very comfortable - a great combination of elasticity and breathability, which provides perfect body support. No pressure points (zero gravity sensation, perfect for complete blood circulation)".

    Charly, founder of Ticket to the Moon

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