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    Grey - 2mm - Rattail Satin Cord (25 mtr.)

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    Specifications: Diameter: Ø Ca. 2 mm. Length: Ca. 25 meter. Material: 100% Polyester.

    Grey - 2mm - Rattail Satin Cord (25 mtr.)

    Our premium quality Satin cord gives off a glossy shine. It is great for necklaces and knotting projects (like Chinese knotting, Kumihimo, & Macrame) and holds up under the wear and tear of children. The 2mm polyester satin cord is the standard size that most people use.

    Polyester satin cord can be melted to seal the end by wisping it through a flame. Don't hold it in the flame too long or you will get a black blob. 

    What is satin?
    Satin is not a specific fabric type, but rather the way a fabric is woven to produce a shiny side and a dull side. The original satin, woven in Asia, was made from silk. Now all types of satin, including satin cords are are made from both natural and synthetic fibers like polyester.

    • Soft, silky, durable, easy to work with.
    • Good for Kumihimo and Chinese Knotting & Macrame
    • Diameter: Ø Ca. 2 mm.
    • Length: Ca. 25 meter.
    • Material: 100% Polyester.
    COLOR VARIANCE: While the satin cord has proven to be reliable so far, there always exists the possibility that colors can vary slightly as with any dyed product. If an exact match is critical to your project, please order all the necessary quantity to complete your project at the same time to better ensure that the cord comes from the same batch.

    ROLL SIZES:  The specified size on a roll is approximate and can vary from one roll to the next. Also, some rolls are wound more tightly than others and two rolls compared side by side may have the same amount of cord even though they appear to be different sizes.

    WASHING: Much of the polyester satin cord can be machine-washed in cold water, but please wash a test piece first. Also, pre-wash any pieces that you will be sewing into items that may be washed.

    FRAY: Because the threads from which the cord is woven are tiny, the cord could snag if used with a pendant or bail with a rough edge. However, it does not snag easily. It is possible to unweave the ends if you would like a fringe at the end.

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