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    PP Multicord Twisted Ø 12mm.

    Very soft and supple 3 strands wrought PPM rope. Due to the soft construction of the rope, it is better suited for hobbies, animals and decoration than it is for watersports. PPM] is light of weight, won't absorb water and stays afloat. 3 strand wrought rope is severable.

    PP Multicord Twisted Ø 12mm: UV-stabilized Polypropylene Multifilament. Diameter: Ca. Ø 12 mm. Construction: 3 Strands twisted cord. Weight: 72 gram per meter. Tensile Strength: 2.100 kg. Density 0.91 g/cm³.

    Twisted Ø 12mm.
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    1. Canary Yellow PPM Twisted Rope - Ø 12mm. Artikel nummer: MT013176
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