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Prices on this page have VAT included. As a non-EU-citizen you dont need to pay VAT to us. The VAT will be deducted from your amount during checkout!
For the UK, you do have to pay VAT to us if your order is below £135.


How to order samples

Would you rather first see a sample to decide which cord you want to order? That is possible. Please read below how this new sample purchase process takes place.

General rules

  • You can order a sample of each metre-product
  • The sample is approximately 10 centimetres long
  • The prices of the samples differ. For the products of which the metre price is lower than €0.50, you will pay the metre price. When the metre price is higher than €0.50, you will pay, depending on the product, an amount between €0.50 and €1.50. The exact price can be found on the product page.
  • With the discount code on the front of the sample card, you will receive this amount back when you purchase 2 metres or more of this product within 2 months. 

Requesting a sample

  1. Go to the product of which you want to receive a sample and open the product page.
  2. Open the sample tab on the product page.

  1. Press the (orange) button with 'add' to add the sample to your shopping cart.

  2. This product will appear in the shopping cart as a sample, including the price specification.
    You can do this for each product you want to receive samples of. There is no maximum number of samples per order.


Redeeming the discount code

    1. On the sample card you'll find a discount code in the right bottom corner.
    2. ATTENTION: this code is only valid when...
      a. ordering within two months from the purchase of the sample;
      b. ordering two metres or more of this specific product with your next order.
    3. You can enter this code on the payment page: 

    4. You can add as many voucher codes as apply to your order.
    5. The discount will be automatically calculated over the products.
sample example