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    Our Ambassadors

    The creative community consists of all kinds of Makers with a lot of knowledge and experience in working with paracord, biothane, leather, etc. To match our range and content to the hobby as closely as possible, we like to be advised by the Makers themselves.

    We therefore work together with a number of these Makers in a so-called 'ambassadorship'. We would like to introduce our current ambassadors here.

    Meet Daria

    Daria Costa made her first paracord creations in 2016. Her jack russell Nina is too small compared to the breed standard, so Daria decided to make her own dog accessories. Within two years, this hobby grew into her own business: Le Trecce di Nina. In 2020, she opened her own atelier and she is working more than full-time for her business.

    "I really enjoy working with both paracord and biothane, but with paracord I can let my imagination and creativity run wild. I am always looking for colour combinations that suit the customer's wishes, but also fit within my style."

    3 facts about Daria:

    • Changed her whole life after the arrival of Nina, her little jack russell
    • Is part of a competitive agility dog team with here husband Alessio
    • Likes everything that is even and symmetrical


    Meet Evi

    In 2018 Evi made her first dog leads from PPM. Then, after attending some workshops, she started to work with paracord and later on switched to working with Biothane.

    "After making my first biothane adapters, I was convinced by the advantages and possibilities of Biothane. Currently, I make many products from biothane and spend a lot of time working with leather. I mainly make products for pets and tools for trimming, but also accessories such as bookmarks, handbags and folders."

    3 fun facts about Evi:

    • Has lived in Mexico for 1.5 years and met her husband there
    • Is mother of 3 boys
    • Does not like to sit still

    Meet Helmy

    Helmy Stolwijk has been working with paracord for almost 11 years. Besides sharing her knowledge by giving workshops several days a week, she has also designed her own knots.

    "Although I'm not very good with social media, I try to help people in the community when they have questions or get stuck." Helmy herself has also benefited greatly from the community. "I owe a lot of my knowledge to them. When I first started, they told me online when I was doing something wrong and how to do it better. That really helped me."

    3 fun facts about Helmy:

    • Has a son, 2 bonus sons and 4 grandchildren
    • Occasionally likes to make Japanese puzzles on the computer to keep her brain young
    • Can't resist always cutting just a little more cord than necessary, so she always has some cord left over


    Meet Femke

    Femke started crocheting beanies around 2000 and now, over 20 years later, she is working full time on creating things. She crochets, sews, knits, knots, works with Biothane and also likes macrame. "My work is a combination of my two favourite hobbies: animals and creating things. There is nothing more fun to me."

    "In 2012 I started to work with Paracord. I like to experiment with knotting and different thicknesses. By doing so I also designed my own knot "Kipi's Original"."

    Femke really has her own style, which is also reflected in the names of her products. "Hawaii is one of my favourite surfing places in the world," she says. "That is why l give all of my creations Hawaiian names. The Hawaiian names started with 'Kipi' as my company name and I have continued that way."

    3 fun facts about Femke:

    • Has so many animals that she almost has her own petting zoo
    • Has been a professional windsurfer for years
    • Loves variety and challenges