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    25 mm 'BETA' BioThane (Per Meter)

    The Biothane Beta 520 Series is the closest thing to leather in the horse halter, dog collar and dog leash marketplace. The Biothane Beta 520 Series has gained the trust of horse halter, dog leash and dog collars makers. The Beta series has a matte appearance and an excellent soft flexness, also in cold conditions. This Biothane article with a 25mm width and circa 2.5 mm thickness comes with a breaking strength of circa 454 kg (1000lbs). Perfect for medium dog collars or leashes as well as horse halters. Biothane can be sold by the meter, the total amount of meters will be delivered as one length with a maximum of 30 meters per spool.

    Width Profile Thickness Break Strength
    25 mm 
    profile cross section
    B10 Standard
    ca. 2.5mm 454 kg

    Biothane Beta 520 Specifications:

    • Breaking Strength: 454 kg (1000lbs)
    • Width: Ca. 25 mm (3/4" inch)
    • Thickness: Ca. 2.4-2.7 mm.
    • Biothane Coating: 520 Beta ®
    • Profile: B10 Standard
    • Appearance: Matte, no gloss. Embossed Leather Style
    • Material: Polyester core and a polymer (PVC) coating
    • 60A Shore Hardness PVC Low Gloss
    • 72 gram per meter
    • Sold by the meter, total amount of meters delivered as one length.
    • Maximum continuous length per spool is 30 mtr.
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