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    Coloured cord Paradise

    Over 3500 unique, coloured rope products with over 2.5 million meters directly in stock.

    Since 2010,, has grown to Europe's largest and leading seller of original US Made Nylon Paracord and other types of coloured rope for hobby and professional use. We ship packages both inside and outside of Europe daily, from our warehouse in the Netherlands.  Coloured Cord Paradise offers rope products to business clients and consumers alike. Our standard product line ships directly from our own stock through our webshop. We prefer to plan custom made rope design and production in accordance with your wishes. Besides original US Made Nylon Paracord, we also offer many other types of rope. Read more about various types of rope or the origin and use of Paracord.

    Core values 

    Our policy is to treat you as we like to be treated. Quality, Service & Innovation - That is what you can expect from us.

    • Reliable - Good quality rope products with quality control
    • Attention - A small or large order; every package will be prepared and shipped with care
    • Honest - Pricing is in line with quality of products and service
    • Authority - Europe's largest supply of colour rope, directly from our own stock
    • Flexible - Always thinking with you to look for new possibilities
    • Teamwork - A strong team works to achieve the best result for you every day

    Work made to order vs. automation

    Work made to order combined with an efficient process on the shop floor to ensure quality and speed is something we work on every day. A standard wholesale roll of 300 meter demands a different approach than a 15 meter one for instance. Our team works by hand and with innovative automation tools, ensuring we can deliver work made to order in a fast and efficient way. And should something go wrong, personal contact with our service team will ensure a quick solution.

    Personalizzazione personalizzata Paracord

    10,000 meter vs a couple of meters

    Whether you are looking for 10,000 meters of coloured rope on spools or just a couple of meters, we will find a solution for every rope-related question; either from our own stock or through custom work.




    3500 - unique coloured rope products

    Besides all types of Paracord, we supply many other types of rope

    4.9 out of 5 - Customer Review grade

    We receive reviews through the customer platform Trustpilot every day. We are proud of the high average review score of 4.9 out of 5

    30 - Paratroopers

    Our team is on call for you, 7 days a week

    2.5 million - kilometres of rope in stock

    Over 6,000 product on stock as of now

    165,000 - Customers served

    Over the past years, we have been privileged to help over 165,000 unique customers


    Il nostro metodo di lavoro è basato sulla flessibilità; il massimo delle possibilità alle migliori condizioni per te come cliente! Semplifichiamo al massimo le cose per te in quanto cliente e per noi in quanto fornitori.

    • La più ampia offerta in Europa di Paracord e di corde colorate
    • Prezzi scaglionati per i clienti all'ingrosso
    • Ordinazioni possibili già a partire da un metro
    • Uno stock garantito di grandi volumi di prodotti di cordame
    • Produzione e progettazione personalizzate di cordame
    • Consegn in tutto il mondo. Al momento gli ordini vengono spediti entro 40 ore
    • Eccellente servizio personale di assistenza al cliente
    • Alta valutazione media delle recensioni dei clienti: 4,9 su 5 (Trustpilot)

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