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    New and improved functionalities

    1. Improved Category Navigation
    With the new Assortment button you can easily switch between the different main categories.

    2. More Languages and Currencies
    In addition to English, German, French, and Dutch, we now also offer the website in Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Danish. You now also have the choice of 7 currencies.

    3. My Cart active for 2 weeks
    Products in your shopping cart are now stored for 2 weeks!

    4. Shipping Options
    For customers in Great Britain: DPD home delivery. New shipping option: DPD Pickup parcel shop delivery.

    5. Back in Stock Notification
    Item not in stock? In that case it is helpful to use the new "Back in Stock" function. When a product is out of stock you can enter your e-mail. You automatically receive a message as soon as the desired item can be ordered again! No need to visit the website to check it yourself!

    6. Stock Levels
    With our new Stock Levels function you can not only see if a product has stock or not, but also when a product is low on stock, you can see how many items are still in stock.

    7. Improved Mobile Website
    With the updated Mobile Website you can easily navigate through our website and order on the go.

    9. Create multiple Favorite Lists
    Our new website offers you the possibility to make multiple Favorite Lists. This way you can make a list for every project you are working on!

    10. Filter products by Colour
    You can now filter in a category by colour or material. This can help when searching for a specific product. It can also be useful to find products with similar colours.

    11. Improved Search Bar
    With the improved search bar, finding a product is now a lot easier. The search results are nicely displayed in a drop-down menu.