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    How to make a Rope Halter and lead for horses!

    You want to make your own rope halter and leash for your horse but have no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right address. Not only will we explain the basics, tips & tricks but we can also supply to your needs to make your rope halter and lead complete. 

    What do you need for a horse halter and lead?
    To make your own rope halter or lead you need the following products:

    • Rope for the halter and the lead.
    • Tape measure and ruler to measure your horse and your rope. 
    • Nano Paracord to sew the ropes together. 
    • Needle to sew the Nano Paracord. 
    • Knife or scissors to cut the rope. 
    • Lighter to burn the ends.

    Different ropes for horse halters and leads
    Why chose for rope halters? They are soft, light to carry, easily to wash, weather resistant and limited space requirements. When you make your own halter or lead you should keep in mind that if the diameter of the rope is small, it will ‘bite’ the horse when you place pressure. We recommend using ropes with a diameter above 6mm. For halters: 8mm ropes work fine and for leads: 14mm ropes.

    Double braid for horse leads
    Strong, low weight and weather resistant. The rope is spliceable, the core can be removed!

    Solid braid for rope leads
    Easy to work with but can not be spliced. Lightweight, feels smooth, and doesn’t get dirty quickly. 

    Paracord type III for rope halters
    Is a tightly braided multi-strand sheath over an inner core. 

    Other cords for horse halters
    Other ropes like microcord or leather 2mm can be used for the finish or decoration of the horse halter or lead. Nano Paracord is suitable for sewing the ropes together. We also supply biothane cord. 

    Strong and elastic, but hard to work with when it is wet.

    Strong, little moisture, easy to use when wet and sunlight resistant.

    Strong, light weight and smooth.  

    We made a selection of products which you can use to make your own rope halter and lead. More ropes and accessories can be found in our main categories. Here you will find new rope designs, but also more accessories you need for your horse lead and halter. 

    Do you want to know more about making rope halters or leads for horses? Or how to knot and what measures are needed? Click here for a book!


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