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Braided Cotton Rope

Cotton braided ropes are natural products made from cotton fibres. Cotton cord is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This braided construction creates a flexible cord. This soft and very flexible cotton cord is therefore good to use for all your creative projects. The rope is perfect for making Baskets, Dreamcatchers, Wall hangers and is also perfect for decorating a room such as a Bohemian decoration.  Cotton Rope is easy to clean, but Cotton does NOT float! (Cotton is washable).

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  1. Braided Cotton Rope - 6 mm Artikelnummer: MT019661
  2. 1,97 kr
    per meter
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  4. Braided Cotton Rope White - 10 mm Artikelnummer: MT014411
  5. Braided Cotton Rope White - 6 mm Artikelnummer: MT014634
    per meter
  6. per meter
  7. Braided Cotton Rope White - 8 mm Artikelnummer: MT014412
  8. Braided Cotton Rope Red - 6 mm Artikelnummer: MT014631
  9. Braided Cotton Rope Grey - 6 mm Artikelnummer: MT014633
  10. Braided Cotton Rope Black - 8 mm Artikelnummer: MT014413
    per meter
  11. Braided Cotton Rope - 8 mm Artikelnummer: MT011434
  12. Braided Cotton Rope - 12 mm Artikelnummer: MT011466
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