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Paracord order help

What type of Paracord to buy?

  • What type of Paracord do I need for my project?
    The most common Paracord for bracelets is Paracord 550 Type III, but for elegant bracelets the more fine Paracord 425 Type II is also very suitable. Paracord 100 Type I and Paracord Micro 90 are perfect as an accessory cord, but these types can also be beautiful for baby & child bracelets. Type IV and V for the serious outdoors knotting work, Type IV is also being used for dog collars. Eventually your creativity determines the choice of your material! Check example pictures on this page: What is Paracord.
  • Use our Color guide
    On a screen display it's difficult to make a correct color choice, we have made an Paracord Color Guide. Here you'll find all of our solid colors. The Color Guide wil be updated with our new colors.
  • Choose your own paracord length
    There is no minimum order quantity. You can pick the number of meters starting from 1. The number of meters will of course be delivered as one piece. From 30 meters paracord is rolled on a spool. Less than 30 meters is delivered as a coil (see picture).

less than 30 mtr.

over 30 mtr.


Watch this short video to see how we prepare your custom paracord order. Every order is unique and is hand-assembled and checked!

Usually we can assemble your order the same day, if you need the Paracord really fast you can also contact us. More information about placing an order can be found on the "Frequently asked questions" page.

Our working method is to make sure for you as a customer and for us as a supplier, to keep things as simple as possible. This means a maximum of possibilities and minimal conditions! We offer small Paracord bundles in any color at any length but also complete rolls of 300 meters for wholesalers.

  • Largest Paracord offer in Europa: 350+ colors/type

  • Discount: More meters more discount

  • No minimum order quantity

  • Shipped directly from own stock

  • Original US Made Nylon Paracord

  • Service before and after ordering



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