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    Paracord Mil-Spec

    This Mil-Spec Paracord is 100% compliant with the Military Specification Mil-C-5040H. Mil-Spec indicates that a product has been designed to meet the essential technical requirements of the US Department of Defense. It describes the manufacturing process and raw materials that are used to produce Military-Grade Paracord. Mil-Spec Paracord must go through rigorous testing, from raw materials to the final product, in order for it to be certified for U.S. Military use.

    When you have a critical application and only the best will do, choose this Mil-C-5040H Military-grade Paracord instead of our standard commercial-grade Paracord.

    The main difference between “Mil-Spec” and regular “Commercial” Paracord is in the quality control and type of internal yarns used. Mil-C-5040H requires that each of the core Strands are made up of 3 twisted ply Strands. The core contains a coloured Manufacturer ID marker for identification proposes.

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    BELANGRIJK: Mil-Spec Paracord is net als normaal Paracord niet te gebruiken als klimtouw!

    Paracord Mil-C-5040H Specificaties:

    • 100% Hoge kwaliteit Nylon draden
    • Touwsoort: Kernmantel
    • Militairy ID Marker: Geel/Zwart

    Nylon Specificaties:

    • Dichtheid: 1.14 g/cm³ (Drijft niet)
    • Smeltpunt: 265° C
    • Rekbaarheid tot het breekpunt: circa. 30%
    • Schimmel & Rot Bestendig: Goed!
    • UV Bestendigheid (Op een schaal van 0-5): 4
    • Nat Nylon verliest 10-15% van de breekkracht
    • Waterabsorptie: circa. 5-10%
    • Wasbaar bij 30 °C (felle kleuren kunnen afgeven)
    • Made by a Certified U.S. Government Contractor

    Bericht van de Producent:

    "Our ability to meet Mil-Spec standards for braided cords is a reflection of our internal standards and our constantly expanding engineering and manufacturing capabilities. From our knowledge of raw materials and their properties, to our traceability processes for every step of manufacturing, we are able to provide finished goods with consistent superior quality"