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  Europe's largest and best offer of original Paracord and other types of rope.

    What is paracord?

    Learn about the different types and thicknesses paracord to determine which type is most appropriate for your project.

     Types and thicknesses

    Color guide

    To help you choose the right color we made a Color Guide with a complete overview of all our solid colors.


    Paracord order help

    Tips and information on ordering the correct type of Paracord. 

     Ordering process


    Just started working with paracord? See our faq section. Maybe your question is already answered!

    What people asked us before

    Paracord sample knot

    Try the cobra weave! One of the basic paracord knots.

    Cobra weave instructions

    Client reviews

    Learn how other clients experienced our products and service!


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    We really love our Paracord and are sure you will too! Could use some inspiration on what to make with your Paracord? We've got you covered. Follow us on Instagram where we post creative projects and keep you in the know on all things Paracord. We can't wait to see what you will create, be sure to tag us so we'll see your masterpiece!


    Where to buy Paracord and coloured rope products?

    With over 3500+ coloured Paracord and Rope color combinations in our warehouse this is your Coloured Cord Paradise where you can simply buy all your original Paracord and hobby rope products. Want to know more about our unique concept can serve your rope needs? Read more. We have all types of Paracord available on stock. You choose your own length! 1 Meter or 300 Meter? You decide! To help you manage your Paracord products we supply all your orders of 30 meter and above on our own spools for free! So all Paracord and rope orders are custom made for you!

    We also offer a complete range of Paracord accessories like buckles end beads & almost any other Paracord accessories that you can think of for your project.

    Only the best for your Paracord and Rope projects!

    Paracord can be bought in different types of quality. Learn more about our Paracord quality here. only offers high quality Paracord (Nano, Micro, Type I, II, III, IV and Type V Paramax). US Made Nylon products if not otherwise stated. This means that our Paracord is round, with a core of multiple strands in a smooth nylon sheath. Available in over 1000 colours. stands for quality for a good price. Of course, our Paracord is provided by a certified GSA supplier. If we are not satisfied with the quality of the Paracord, we will not deliver it to you!

    We have been exceeding our customer's expectations for over 8 years. In that time we have consistently grown and are established as one of Europe's largest Paracord and coloured rope retailers. Whether your needs are large multi-spool orders, small cut-to-length orders, custom rope design: we can handle it all!