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    Breakaway Buckle

    This keycord buckle is specially made for paracord 550. For safety reasons de buckle will break when there is too much load on the buckle.

    This buckle is great for making (ankles) bracelats with left over paracord!

    Simple pull the end of the paracord inside the buckle and melt the end with a lighter, now that the cord is soft flatten it with a knife so the cord will stick inside the buckle

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    1. Breakaway Buckle 'White' Artikelnummer: MT012503
    2. Breakaway Buckle 'Pink' Artikelnummer: MT013626
    3. Breakaway Buckle 'Red' Artikelnummer: MT013627
    4. Breakaway Buckle 'Olive' Artikelnummer: MT013628
    5. Breakaway Buckle 'Black' Artikelnummer: MT012461
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