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    Paracord Micro

    How to choose the right micro cord for your project?

    We offer 3 types of micro cord with a thickness ranging between 1 mm and 2 mm. All cords have their own unique specifications (material, thickness, handfeel, braiding etc.) With the help of this table and picture you can choose the right micro cord for your project. The ammount of strands indicates how many yarn bundles are plaited or twisted together to form a cord. In general more strands will result in a smooter surface.

    Micro Cord 1.2 mm
    Material: Polyester
    Braiding construction: 9 strands, highly smooth surface
    Best use: Perfect for jewelry makers and as finishing cord for high quality custom paracord bracelets.

    Micro Cord 1.4 mm
    Material: Nylon (polyamide)
    Braiding construction: 8 strands, basic surface
    Best use: Common whipping

    Micro Cord 1.5 mm
    Material: Polyester texturized
    Braiding construction: 12 strands, smooth surface
    Best use: All purpose DIY accessory cord

    Paracord Micro

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    Artiklar 1-20 av 141

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