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    PPM - Mix Package

    Mix Package, a great way to get an affordable package of mixed colours.
    A mix of PPM. The mix package consists of various colours and lengths, unfortunately for this affordable price, you can not choose colours or lengths. We always try to create a varied mix.

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    13 artiklar

    per sida
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    1. Mix Package - 4mm Flat PPM (100G) Artikelnummer: MT019695
      47,02 kr
      per 100 g
    2. Mix Package - 8 mm Flat PPM (750G) Artikelnummer: MT014389
    3. Mix Package - 12mm Flat Luxe PPM (1KG) Artikelnummer: MT014709
    4. Mix Package - 12mm Flat PPM (1KG) Artikelnummer: MT014407
    5. Mix Package - Twisted Rope PPM (1KG) Artikelnummer: MT014400
    6. Mix Package - 2 & 2,5 & 3 mm PPM (300G) Artikelnummer: MT014419
    7. Mix Package - 6mm Flat PPM (500G) Artikelnummer: MT017802
    8. Mix Package - 10mm Round PPM (1KG) Artikelnummer: MT014321
      135,33 kr
      per 1 kg
    9. Mix Package - 8mm Round PPM (750G) Artikelnummer: MT014366
      103,98 kr
      per 750 g
    10. Mix Package - 4 & 5 mm Round PPM (500G) Artikelnummer: MT014406
      83,08 kr
      per 500 g
    11. Mix Package - 6mm Round PPM (500G) Artikelnummer: MT014354
      per 500 g
    12. Mix Package - Solid Braid PPM (1 KG) Artikelnummer: MT014388
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    13 artiklar

    per sida
    Sätt fallande sortering
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