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These colored round rings made of (stainless) steel, nickel, brass or metal are widely used in making dog leashes, collars, horse halters or bags. Mix and match with our snap hooks and carabiners. Searching for inspiration? Getting curious? Check out our blog where we tell you how to use an O-ring in a paracord dog leash.

Note: Look carefully at the specifications to see if the breaking force fits your project.

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  1. O-ring Stainless Steel 15 x 3 mm Artikelnummer: MT020777
    5,24 kr
    per styck
  2. O-ring Stainless Steel 20 x 3 mm Artikelnummer: MT018776
    5,71 kr
    per styck
  3. O-ring Stainless steel 20 x 4 mm Artikelnummer: MT013141
    6,87 kr
    per styck
  4. O-ring Stainless steel 25 x 4 mm Artikelnummer: MT014509
    8,03 kr
    per styck
  5. O-ring Stainless Steel 30 x 4 mm Artikelnummer: MT013143
    8,73 kr
    per styck
  6. O-ring Stainless steel 35 x 5 mm Artikelnummer: MT013155
    10,36 kr
    per styck
  7. O-Ring Stainless Steel 40 x 5 mm Artikelnummer: MT012067
    11,06 kr
    per styck
  8. O-Ring Steel/Nickel plated 15 x 2.5mm Artikelnummer: MT019358
  9. O-Ring Nickel Plated 20 x 3 mm Artikelnummer: MT012061
    3,38 kr
    per styck
  10. O-Ring Nickel Plated 25 x 4 mm Artikelnummer: MT021675
    4,08 kr
    per styck
  11. KONG - O-Ring 'Nickeled' 27 x 5 mm Artikelnummer: MT015271
    25,04 kr
    per styck
  12. O-Ring Nickel Plated 30 x 4 mm Artikelnummer: MT012063
    4,54 kr
    per styck
  13. O-Ring Steel/Nickel plated 40 x 5mm Artikelnummer: MT013586
per sida
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