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    PPM Multicord

    In addition to our range of Paracord products we offer PPM cord for the wider range of diameters. PPM cord (polypropylene multifilament) is highly valued thanks to their silky, shiny and smooth surface, low weight, weather resistance, high breaking load, excellent knotability.

    PPM cords have a wide range of uses. They are a very popular material for the crafting of dog leads and horse halters. Like paracord, ropes made of PP are used for many applications. The properties of the rope also make many technical and demanding applications possible. PP rope is also commonly used on speedboats and sailing yachts.

    Hollow/Flat braided PP Multi cord
    This type of PP Multi cord is a flat hollow braided rope without core. This populair cord is specially designed for DIY dog leashes, horse halters and reins. It is easily spliced with a splicing needle, ideal to make loops. See the instruction video on the products pages for more crafting information.

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      Sand PPM Cord - Ø 5mm Artikelnummer: MT020568
    3. Sand PPM Ø 3 mm. Artikelnummer: MT020394
    4. Noise | PPM D.B | Ø 8mm. Artikelnummer: MT020116
    5. Luxury PPM Cord - Ø 5mm. Artikelnummer: MT019803
    6. Beige PPM Cord - Ø 5mm. Artikelnummer: MT019801
    7. Gryffindor - Flat PPM Ø 12mm. Artikelnummer: MT019758
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    Artiklar 1-20 av 1380

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    Instruction video: how to make a dog leash with hollow 8mm. PP Multi cord  #7.5 en #10

    To give you an idea of the endless weaving and knotting opportunities we have collected a number of examples on our PPM rope Pinterest board.