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    What is PPM cord?

    PPM rope (Polypropylene Multifilament) is an addition to our range for the larger diameters or for flat rope without a core. Due to the properties of Polypropylene, PPM rope is widely used for making dog lines and horse halters. You will find a summary of some of the properties of PPM rope in this table.

    PPM rope properties:

    • Shiny and light weight 
    • Easy to knot, inelastic
    • Floats and absorbs very little moisture
    • Non-toxic, safe for both humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®)
    • Resistant to mold and rot. Easy to keep clean
    • High tenacity Polypropylene Multifilament strands
    • Density 0.91 g/cm³ (floats)
    • Perfectly washable at 30ºC
    • Made in the EU

    Difference between PPM rope and Paracord
    PPM rope is basically a kernmantle rope just like Paracord, but PPM is also made without a core (PPM flat rope without core). The difference with Paracord is the basic material, the weaving technique, and the relationship between the core and the sheath. Our "US Made Paracord" is made of Polyamide (brand name nylon), but PPM rope is made of Polypropylene. Both materials have different characteristics. This table shows some important properties of PPM rope compared to Paracord.

    PPM rope 6 mm round with core
    Nice, sturdy, round braided PPM rope with a diameter of 6 mm. Like Paracord, this PPM rope has a core and a sheath. It is comparable in diameter to Paracord Type V. However, the sheath of this PPM rope is comparatively thicker and the core is thinner. It is braided with 16 strands and has a breaking force of 520 daN(kg). The rope is often used when tying horse halters, but is also suitable for water sports or for all kinds of hobby projects. Again: PPM rope floats!

    PPM without a core/flat
    Flat PPM rope without a core is very suitable for making dog lines and horse halters. Because this PPM cord is woven without a core, it is easy to splice (interwoven) and loops can easily be made with a rope splicing kit (eg Selma splicing needle). PPM rope 8 mm is relatively thin and PPM rope 12 mm is relatively thick. PPM 8 mm is most commonly used to make dog lines. PPM 12 mm is more often used for horse halters. Watch in this video how flat PPM rope can easily be made into a dog line. The possibilities are endless!

    To give you an idea of the endless weaving and knot possibilities, we have collected a number of PPM examples on our PPM rope Pinterest board.