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    PP Multicord Basic Round Ø 3mm.

    Braided PPM cord. PPM is made from Polypropylene multifilament fibre. Customers choose this populair PPM cord for horse halters & reins. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture, this feature keeps the PPM rope floating on the water and dries quickly, making it excellent material to make dog toys. PPM cord is light weight (even when wet), it feels smooth and doesn't get dirty quickly. PPM rope is washed in a washing machine at max. 30 degrees. Ropes made of PPM are highly valued thanks to their low weight, weather resistance, excellent knotability and universal range of applications.

    Braided ropes made of polypropylene multifilament have a wide range of uses. They are a very popular rope for knotting and crafts. Like paracord, ropes made of PPM are used to make necklaces, scoubidou keychains, dog leads and horse halters.  The properties of this PPM cord also make many technical applications possible. PPM rope is commonly used on sailing yachts as well as in the home and garden and for recreational and outdoor activities.

    PP Multicord Basic Round Ø 3mm: Round braided PPM cord. Lightweight. Silky, shiny and smooth surface. Floatable, does not absorb water. Non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®). Resistant to mildew and rot. Doesn't get dirty quickly. Ø = 3 mm. Rope Sleeve is 12-stands. Core contains 1 core thread. Fiber type: Polypropylene Multifilament. Washmachine temp. 30º. Made in EU.

    Round Ø 3mm.
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    1. Red PPM Ø 3 mm.
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