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Warehouse Outlet & Sale Event - Saturday 29 September 

Our first in-store warehouse OUTLET event. A wide selection of A and B quality cord and ropes with discounts up to 50%. Free tickets available for customers. Discounted products only available during the event day in-store, not online.

DATE: Saterday 29 september - 10:00 / 17:00
LOCATION: Van Utrechtweg 124, 2921 LN Krimpen aan den IJssel, Nederland

What can you expect?

# stock clearance discount

We clear our warehouse and offer a large selection of products with a discount of at least 50% or more. These discounts are not stackable with a possible wholesale rate. The following items will be available this day:
  • Leftover of all types of   PPM/Paracord per kg. 
  • B quality Paracord per spool
  • Type 1 diamonds 900 mtr per spool
  • Production Left overclimbing rope per kg
  • Nylon rope per spool
  • PPM rope per spool
  • Metal Buckles Gold
  • Broken spools
  • Sample spools
  • Snap hooks
  • and more... !
# complete spools discount

For the heavy users we want to make this outlet day extra attractive and that is why we have made a selection of products that we offer at an attractive price. We have selected a number of popular products like:
  • Paracord Type III Black
  • Paracord Type III Red
  • Paracord Type III White

And next to this a large selection of other multi colors type III and basic colors type IV

Price examples complete roles:

Type III - 300 mtr: E 60,- (black, red, white)
Type III - 300 mtr: E 55,- (selection of items)
Type IV - 300 mtr: E 65,- (selection of items)

# standard webshop offer

It is also possible this day to purchase products from our standard range (webshop assortment). 10% discount applies to these products. At our webshop location you can make an order at our computers, our team will prepare the order immediately while you wait. Payments can be made via all online payment options or possibly in cash.

No products available

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